Tivoli – an abandoned amusement park

As a kid I used to visit quite often the popular, back then, Tivoli amusement park in Nicosia.  The park is now an abandoned wasteland. After so many years I returned for a last visit, to find out what has remained.          

Abandoned Factory

Last week I was exploring a not so popular area of Larnaca and I ended up in an abandoned factory. Not sure what was it used for but I encountered some of the most impressive graffiti.

Street art – London

Street art is a main part of urban culture. The walls of big cities are an enormous canvas from all sorts of street artists to freely express themselves. Unfortunately, they stay there temporarily because either they are being removed or painted over and sometimes even stolen. So it is a matter of good timing to... Continue Reading →

Street Photography: London

One of the types of photography that I like is street photography. In this post I include some of my favourite street photography shots from the city of London, one of the most photogenic and multicultural cities.     

Saranti village, a hidden gem

Hidden inside the mountains of Troodos, Saranti is a remote village where someone can escape and detox from the daily fuzz of the city. A very welcoming village, famous for the church of Panagia of Arakas which is designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

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