Photographing London: Camden Town

A very vibrant and busy place, Camden is heavily associated with the alternative culture and creativity. Various cultures and sublcultures blend together to make the place unique and interesting to visit.

Lofou village

Lofou is a small village in Limassol district. The village was abandoned by the residents many years ago. Over the last few years some of them returned to the village with the purpose of restore it and establish it as an agrotourism location

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

Ayia Napa is pretty much known for the nightlife and as a summer destination. But it's not only about the clubs and the sunny beaches. Various festivals and other cultural events are taking place over the last years, promoting arts to a wide audience. One of the latest establishments is the open sculpture museum. It features great works from sculptors around the globe. The park is free to enter and it's definitely worth the visit.

Larnaca’s Salt Lake

A natural landmark in Larnaca. Every spring it captures the attention of hundreds of photographers, nature lovers and curious people who want to see the famous arrival of the migratory flamingo birds. Even though this is considered and is indeed a great attraction, I mostly enjoy the salt lake when it is deserted

Invader – the street artist

Invader is a French street artist from Paris. His unique street artworks are easily recognised and they are depicting characters (sprites) from old video games on mosaic installations that look like 8-bit pixels. These installations are placed on the walls of big cities. He is a street artist that I follow and that is why I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Tivoli – an abandoned amusement park

As a kid I used to visit quite often the popular, back then, Tivoli amusement park in Nicosia.  The park is now an abandoned wasteland. After so many years I returned for a last visit, to find out what has remained.          

Abandoned Factory

Last week I was exploring a not so popular area of Larnaca and I ended up in an abandoned factory. Not sure what was it used for but I encountered some of the most impressive graffiti.

Street art – London

Street art is a main part of urban culture. The walls of big cities are an enormous canvas from all sorts of street artists to freely express themselves. Unfortunately, they stay there temporarily because either they are being removed or painted over and sometimes even stolen. So it is a matter of good timing to... Continue Reading →

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